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Why Inner Key

July 30, 2009

The original nature of every human being is beyond obstacles, capable of experiencing inner freedom and peace, able to truly enjoy life and fulfill one’s highest purpose. Each person can access their own pristine program of wholly integrated states.

Inner Key Programs use scientific research and instrumentation to assist you in:

  • Sustaining a penetrating focus
  • Unfolding clear and flexible choice-making states
  • Activating creative skills
  • Enlightening life motivations that are congruent with your whole self
  • Optimizing your personal stress care
  • Stabilizing high performance states for increased satisfaction
  • Maintaining and empowering wellbeing in daily activities


Participants use scientific technology to assess and train their own optimal physiological performance. State-of-the-art technology allows precise measurements and feedback of data, which empowers the learning process for growth that you choose to do.

Facilitators coach participants with individual activities from worldwide wisdom roots and from modern scientific research on human physiology and mind activity.

Individuals link common awareness states with extraordinary states for remarkable performance capacities. This enhances the natural free will navigation of their own life.

Inner Key uses these modalities in retreats:

Neurofeedback – brain wave training
Hemoencephalograph – voluntary blood flow
Whole nervous system training to activate potentials
Heart Rate Variability – self regulation
Capnometry – respiratory efficiency
Skin conductance – to work with your emotional neuro-chemistry
Thermal feedback – to achive neuro-endocrine choices
Physical integration exercises
Synesthesia through guided imagery
Energy system renewal by oriental thecniques
Scientific videos
Sound and music to enhance healthy neurochemistry
Art to facilitate flexible shifts in perception
Research presentations
Experience of self-discovery in nature


Self-regulation occurs when changes in our personal physiology enter our awareness and serve us to voluntarily modify our emotional (electro-chemical), mental and metabolic climate. This activates the body’s adaptation mechanisms and a new inner state develops. The whole being regulates itself in congruence with this level of optimal health and performance. Self-regulation becomes effortless, increasing body-mind-energy endurance and freeing awareness to make conscious choices.


About Inner Key

July 29, 2009

The Inner Key team members are professionals with vast experience in their diverse health-related professions, such as:

  • Western Medical Doctors (MDs)
  • Doctors of Oriental Medicine (DOMs)
  • BCIA and CEEG Fellows in technological measure/mirror of feedback
  • Specialists in empowering movement exercises
  • Sound engineer to activate natural harmony of immune responses
  • Art specialists for self-discovery, flexibility in expression and inner vision

Dr. Liana Matullich is the founder and Director of Inner Key International.Dr. Liana Mattulich became a physician in 1963, providing medical and preventive care in Argentina. She was a pioneer in biofeedback from 1973, Founder and Director of Biofeedback Center of Buenos Aires in 1980, and Founder of LABA (a Chapter of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback) in 1995. A Fellow of BCIAC and certified in EEG, she was President of CAAPB, 1998-2001. For over 25 years, she has practiced and taught Zen and Tibetan meditations and exercises from native South American cultures and the Sufis, all incorporated in her professional work. After years of retreat in a Buddhist monastery, she realized the need to become a bridge between the scientific approach and ancient wisdom, which she made possible with the foundation of the Inner Key Center. She has had a private practice in the United States since 1991, with both national and international clients.  In Denver, Colorado since 1995, she is currently Director of Inner Key Programs.